Slam the Scam Day, March 7th, 2024

The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration (SSA) has designated March 7th, 2024, as National “Slam the Scam” Day – an outreach campaign to raise public awareness of Social Security scams and other government imposter scams.

This is part of National Consumer Protection Week, March 3 – 9th , 2024.

Recognizing the basic signs of a scam is helpful in stopping fraudulent activity.  Remember:

  • Scammers pretend to be from an agency or organization you know to gain your trust.
  • Scammers say there is a problem or a prize.
  • Scammers pressure you to act immediately.
  • Scammers tell you to pay in a specific way.

Social Security will never:

  • Threaten arrest or legal action if someone does not immediately send money to resolve an overpayment.
  • Promise to increase benefits or resolve identity theft issues for a fee or by moving money into a protected account.
  • Require payment with a retail gift card, prepaid debit card, cryptocurrency, wire transfer, internet currency, or by mailing cash.
  • Send text, email, or social media messages that contain personal information.

Visit our Scam Awareness and Social Media Resources webpages for additional resources and information on how to report Social Security Scams.

Together, we will remain vigilant against government imposters scams and help protect your clients, friends, and family from fraud.

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